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  Santa Cruz, Guanacaste

Santa Cruz is one of the counties in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, located northwest of the country. Also known as the city folk. It has a population of 45,000 residents, was founded on December 7, 1848. It is located 289 kilometers from the province of San José.

The population has an interesting cultural wealth as it is the historical result of the mixture of various cultures such as the indigenous (chorotega), the African and the Spanish.

The Black Christ of Esquipulas is the strongest catholic image for all residents.

In the center of this beautiful canton find the park in Santa Cruz and his beautiful and unique church full of history which identifies all the residents of the canton .

Las Baulas Marine National Park - 1 hour away from Hotel la Calle de Alcalá
Tamarindo Beach - 30min away from Hotel la Calle de Alcalá
Junquillal Beach - 45min away from Hotel la Calle de Alcalá
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Costa Rica, Guanacaste, Santa Cruz.

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